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Museum of the School of Tagusens

Since 2005, in Tagusens, near Kastelruth, there is a School Museum. The unique collection of educational documents and objects, that have been found and kept in their place of origin, waits for visitors

In Tagusens there was an elementary school since the time of general compulsory education, i. e. the 18th century. Initially the lessons were held in the rectory or in the Stube of the nearby farmsteads, until in 1933 the school has been built. In 1993 this small multi-class school has been definitively closed

In the 1950s, the highest number of schoolchildren has been reached. There were 46 children enrolled in different classes. The children’s school day in Tagusens did not allow meetings with the outside. All children knew each other and only the teachers changed from year to year. Although they had a certain authority and were not part of that society, they adapted to local customs. In this way, Tagusens was distinguished from the large school centres of the city. The furnishings and teaching materials were also used in a different way than in other schools. Therefore they were lovingly preserved. Thus, today visitors can admire objects that arouse not only feelings of nostalgia, but also the interest of tourists and admirers of the school and its educational function

In 2019, two rooms were recovered on the first floor of the building. After a restoration, in a room an historical Stube dating back to 1700 has been included. In the adjacent room there was a shoemaker’s workshop with the original tools and machinery of the 1950s