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Museum Association of Kastelruth

The Museum Association of Kastelruth was founded in 1999 with the aim of collecting, preserving and documenting objects of particular interest, concerning the municipality of Kastelruth. For this purpose, the construction and the direction of the museum structures were pursued. The first step in this direction was the opening of the Farmer Museum at the Tschötscherhof in St. Oswald in 2005. Following, there was the inauguration of the School Museum in Tagusens in 2007. The highlight was the inauguration of the Museum of Traditional Costumes at the Ansitz Lächler in the town centre of Kastelruth in May 2019

In addition to the museum’s activities, the cultural mission is the second focus of the Museum Association, for which numerous initiatives and activities have been carried out over the years. In addition to the annual cultural trips to historically, culturally and art-historically significant locations, the Museum Association has developed a lively exhibition activity. Since 2009, a great temporary exhibition per year on historical or artistic themes concerning the municipality of Kastelruth has been organised

To spread and promote culture and history, the Museum Association catches and protects its measures and ventures, like expositions, conferences, guided tours, publications, education measures, classes, in accordance with its possibilities. This is possible also thanks to the collaboration with other associations and institutions, that have wishes and aims, as the Heimatpflegeverein of Schlern

The Museum Association of Kastelruth is registered in the Government Directory of voluntary organizations with DLH No. 36/1, dated February 19, 2007