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Museum of Traditional Costumes of Kastelruth

The area of Schlern is one of the biggest and historically grown areas of folk costumes in Tyrol, where the tradition and care of the folk costumes are still alive. The municipality of Kastelruth is famous for the richness and the big variety of precious costumes

The Museum Association of Kastelruth and the Heimatpflegeverein of Schlern (association for the protection and promotion of the country’s historically, artistic and cultural patrimony) have always concerned with documenting, researching and supporting the traditional costumes that are still worn. Besides temporary expositions (2011, 2015, 2016) and respective preliminary works (2014), it exists also a monograph in two volumes on the folk costumes in Kastelruth

In 2019 a central and ground-breaking institution for the documentation and promotion of traditional costume in our community was created also with the opening of the Museum of Traditional Costumes in the historical residence Lächler in Kastelruth. The history, the development and the presence of traditional costumes in the municipality of Kastelruth is presented by means of exemplary costume ensembles, costume pieces and image documents

In addition to research and documentation, one of the most important concerns and tasks of the museum is the promotion of traditional costume in Kastelruth. It does not look only as a contact and information point, but it also offers appropriate initiatives, education measures and public relations work

In Kastelruth, the traditional costume still enjoys a great prestige and a big esteem. It is not only a historical element of tradition, but also a living cultural asset. The traditional costumes belong to the most valuable cultural heritage of our community